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City Multi S-Series – PUMY P-60

cityIntroducing the newest addition to the CITY MULTI S-Series lineup, the PUMY-P60NKMU. This new outdoor unit is 5-ton, single phase providing 60,000 BTU’h of cooling capacity, with the ability to connect up to 12 CITY MULTI indoor units!

Ideal Air-conditioning Solution for Radiant Floor Heating Environments

  • Best suited for homes and small offices
  • Ideal air conditioning solution for radiant floor heating environments
  • Automatic switching between heating and cooling
  • One air source condensing unit supports up to 8 indoor units
  • Total capacity of connected indoor units is 50 – 130% of system capacity

Ideal for homes, small offices, and light applications

The City Multi S-Series is the perfect solution for homes, small offices and light commercial applications.

The dual piping system allows all City Multi solutions to switch between cooling and heating while maintaining a constant indoor climate.

Flexibility, ease of installation, energy efficiency, high quality and low-maintenance operation are just some of the reasons home owner’s are making the decision to replace their old central air-conditioning systems with the S-Series from Mitsubishi Electric. The S-Series is also the perfect air-conditioning solution for homes with radiant floor heating systems.

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Introducing the MXZ-5B Multi-zone Heat Pump System...

At 42,000 Btu/h and 3.5 tons, no other system on the market operates at this size and capacity. The MXZ-5B can cool or heat up to five zones, making it ideal for large additions, whole floors or entire homes!

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GPS 1200

The GPS-1200 is a carbon fiber brush, needlepoint, bi-polar ionization generator rated 1,200 CFM or up to 3 tons nominal capacity. The GPS-FC is great for mounting in fan coils, ductless mini-splits, chilled beams (patent pending), water source heat pumps or any other forced air systems with low air flow.

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