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At Air Source Air Conditioning, we always provide a fair price, outstanding workmanship, professional workers in and out of the office, and a continued relationship with our customers. Many other companies in Hawaii will provide the initial air conditioning installation, but don’t return for repair or service. Our customers know that we will not only do a quality air conditioning installation, but that they can count on our continued maintenance and service for years to come.

We will discuss your Hawaii air conditioning needs in detail and help you determine the best possible solution or options ou have with cooling your home or business.

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The Latest Technology

The Latest Technology Air Source is committed to keeping up with the latest technology in air conditioning in order to provide our customers with the best products available. We are excited to be featuring Mitsubishi Electric’s newest, ultra-efficient units.

These units features the R-410A refrigerant, extremely quiet operation, variable compressor speed inverter (VCSI) technology that results in significant energy savings over conventional fixed compressor speed systems, catechin plus air purifying systems to combat germs, viruses, and odors, additional air flow control features, and longer piping runs.


  • Professional Design
  • Installation, Service & Maintenance
  • Friendly & Knowledgable Staff
  • Best Air Conditioning Products
  • Customized solutions for your needs
  • We Are a Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor

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Introducing the MXZ-5B Multi-zone Heat Pump System...

At 42,000 Btu/h and 3.5 tons, no other system on the market operates at this size and capacity. The MXZ-5B can cool or heat up to five zones, making it ideal for large additions, whole floors or entire homes!

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GPS 1200

The GPS-1200 is a carbon fiber brush, needlepoint, bi-polar ionization generator rated 1,200 CFM or up to 3 tons nominal capacity. The GPS-FC is great for mounting in fan coils, ductless mini-splits, chilled beams (patent pending), water source heat pumps or any other forced air systems with low air flow.

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